December, You’ve Always Been A Problem Child…

Dear 2014,

Finally this year is coming to an end and can I say its just not been ponies and rainbows. I’ve been stretched, not only with work commitments but with my many responsibilities. I had to shut down for a while and it has not been fun but finally I’m returning back to myself. There have been many times I would pick up a recipe book and then say to myself “Are you serious? You have so much work to do!” and it was true that I had work but I also should have realised that when you’re stressed or at the end of your capabilities its your passions that carry you through. Granted I had hoped several times that my passions would spread into finding the optimum quality of a pen or figuring out the complexities of strategic management as that would have made my work a whole lot easier but at the end of the day you love what you love. December for me is always a weird month because I never know how I’m going to feel. One of my favourite artists Sara Bareilles calls December a problem child and I agree. First there’s that reflective side that forces me to look at my year and consider how many of my goals I have reached and then there’s another part of me that looks to the future anxiously for what the next year would bring.

However December is so much bigger than that, its way bigger than all of us. Decembers’ are the only full stops we get in life. The only thing about this continous circle of life that seems to create good paragraphs. December is about purging and acquiring. Purging all the things in your life you’re getting rid of to ultimately move into the you that seems like a better fit. It could be a painful process as I’ve come to find but its such a beautiful way to let go of the things, people or even places you thought you needed to feel whole. Its about acquiring new hobbies, friends and truths. I’ve been home in Lagos for three weeks now and I cannot help but feel so blessed for all that I have and all that I still have in me to do because sometimes even though it doesn’t look like much there is so much power in potential. I have been touched by the amount of people that have asked me constantly about Eden, and just the support has been a welcome surprise!

I hope as we round off 2014, Christmas has come and gone, lets not make December a problem child, lets embrace her to her fullest. At our final dinner of 2014 my friends and I discussed the highs and lows of the year and I personally was encouraged  not to think of the year that has gone by as another one lost but look at what we had gained on the way, I personally don’t write New Years resolutions because I think they set you up to fail in the new year however this year I challenge everyone instead of writing down things you have to do like finish that book or go to the gym, write down three things, people or bad vibes that you’re leaving behind in 2014 and write down three things, people and yes foods that you’re keeping in 2015. I know it is going to be a wonderful year and I am walking in faith that this 2015 will bring everyone closer to their dreams but may your souls be happy, your mind forever fed and may we have more delicious recipes and blogposts to look forward to in this space. 2014 you’ve brought me Eden, a sisterhood to be a part of, and some self confidence 2013 tried to claim so its been real! It really has been the best of times.

Here are some pictures of my christmas bakes and my holiday home:


photo 1 (11)


My  Lonely Chicago Pie- Chocolate Custard with Cinnamon and Nutmeg


photo 4 (9)

My Molasses Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting  for Christmas Day with Dark chocolate

photo (32)

The Christmas Turkey- This thing weighed a ton! I made it with Lemon and Parsley Herb Butter

photo 3 (6)


Christmas Day opening presents with my family- They did really good this year!

photo 5 (9)

One of my oldest friends Nonye spent Christmas Day with us and it was a blessing!

photo (32) copy 2

I spent the first wee hours of Christmas Day with the Serikis’, real time family friends, absolutely love them!


photo (32) copy


Boxing Day was spent with my many cousins and extended family, all smiles in the sun!



My mum and I off to yet another Christmas Garden Party



photo (32)

Last dinner of the year with my faves, smiling and grateful for everything 2014 brought!


Lots of love,

Mika xo


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