Chocolate, always had me at its beck and call..

As we all know Valentines day is on the horizon, this year I’m dedicating this particular one to my brother. Take this as another person in my series of tell me what you eat and i’ll show you who you are. To me my brother is dark chocolate, not because he really is dark chocolate but because of his depth.To celebrate him I made an upside down caramel  dark chocolate cake which is actually great for the season. So this one is for you Sege Awolowo. I love you.

Dear Brother,

You are the only dark chocolate I seem to understand. When we were younger I never understood the taste of it and so I took it for granted most of the time. I only recently grew to understand the importance of it, the necessity of it. I only recently discovered that it’s the original thing. Before milk chocolate flooded the scene or the way too sweet white chocolate pranced in, dark chocolate has been waiting patiently for my love since it took its first breathe. It’s been waiting for me to get it and for a chocolate lover like myself I’ve often wondered why it took me so long, but like a true chocolate lover I’ve always known I had the capacity for it. I always knew there was a space in the line up of my heart where the light hadn’t reached dark chocolate yet. Now though…I cherish it, just like I cherish you. There are so may things I want to tell you but I know your mind so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

1. God’s going to use you like a highlighter, to colour the important things and to bring to light his real intensions in lives.

2. Your laugh is still my favourite medicine.

3. I wish I could gift my 10 year old self a mirror to remind myself to not be so hard on you.

4. As your older sister, I will forever be fiercely present to be your sounding board so you can hear your own thoughts out loud.

5. You brought music alive in me, the first time we recorded a song together. You’ll always be my favourite producer.

6. You’re the only boy who will never have to fight for my heart, you were born with a piece of it anyway.

7. Your joy is stainless, I will fight like hell to make sure the world doesn’t change that.

8. I hope you settle into a passion that stimulates your complex and beautiful mind, whatever it is remember you are always enough.

9. You were brought up strong but don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, there is a quiet strength in honesty, the only strength that has real substance.

10. Like dark chocolate  I know you will live a deep, rich and fulfilled life, but don’t be shackled by a limited view of your future. Learn to live with your hands outstretched playing hide and seek with lessons to be learnt.


Here is the cake in all her glory:



The caramel base which was butter, brown sugar and golden syrup. it just makes me want to sing!





The glorious dark chocolate batter- this is my preview of heaven!



The finished cake, its not the prettiest but by the big chunks taken out you can tell my housemates are a fan.



Me and my bro!!




They grow up so fast!

Lots of love,


Mika xo



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  1. azbam says:

    So beautiful!

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