With Arms Outstretched… To Wish Impossible Things

“It was the hope of all we might have been that fills me with the hope to wish impossible things”- The Cure

I just got back from visiting my friend Alex and her family Sardinia in Italy where the sun was brutal but the company was warm and the food was nothing short of extraordinary. The past three months have been a myriad of experiences for me from going through the horrors of final year exams to successfully graduating from The University of Nottingham; it has been a time of goodbyes, endings and a lot of new beginnings.

I spent some time back in Lagos, Nigeria with my family celebrating my mum’s 50th Birthday as well as anticipating my brother’s results to see which university he would go to (He’s going to Warwick yay!). All in all it has been a busy half of the year for the Awolowo clan. We have also had the pleasure to see the miracles that take place when the ultimate creator is leading you, I cannot explain how much learning we have done and how grateful we are.

Three years ago I had a dream, I saw myself in my own patisserie calling my restaurant seeing if my team were ready for the dinner rush, a baby on my hip with a family of my own and I saw that this establishment was called Eden. This is where it all began, this all came at a period in time when I was struggling in my first year to figure out what I was going to do with my business degree especially as I found that through my different modules taken, I had lost a lot of love for what I thought my passion was, Advertising. I didn’t realise at that point that nobody is ever only capable of doing one thing. We are multifaceted creatures with a boundless quality that I had not tapped into yet. So when I had that dream it was a God-drop moment because he was telling me that he had the power to fill me up again if I let him. So that is exactly what I did, I let him show me his vision for me and when I put my arms outward to trust him and receive all that he had for me I found that I could indeed wish impossible things. I realised that I would be stupid to get off this Eden track simply because it was a road less travelled especially when I was surrounded by people like Scotty. 

Scotty, our chef in Sardinia was a perfect example of somebody who had worked so hard at his dream that it became a reality. He is an Australian guy with a heart for surfing and food and throughout his career he has been able to work in the industry he loves, not shackled to any one establishment but working all over the world as a private chef who always has time to surf, he was an absolute babe and even gave me his recipe for chocolate peanut butter fudge sauce which I could not wait to use when I got back to London. I paired the sauce with a New York style cheesecake partly because my sister is obsessed with it, but also because of the pure decadence that is always so seductive.

 I recently learnt through just watching him that the miracle is in the stretching; it’s in the honesty of vocalising exactly what you want no matter how unconventional it is. I had been in Sardinia for exactly five days and with two days left I have made a Nutella cake lighter than air but it was also quite rich, I accompanied it with salted caramel sauce and strawberries. The cake didn’t have any flour in it and relied mainly on the egg whites to rise. Imagine that a cake relying on a cloud of possibilities to rise… Graduating reopened my eyes to possibilities again so friends you might be at that stage in your life where you feel you have several decisions to make or you may have found yourself at a crossroad. Find comfort in the fact that you have choices, don’t let this cripple you but empower you because YOU get to steer this ship of your life. For me there is comfort in knowing that whatever decision I make I’ve got amazing people in my life who love me and a God so much bigger than any disappointment I could feel or mistake I make as he ultimately makes me worthy enough to enforce my individuality. So rely on your dreams, confront them head on and if one doesn’t work revisit your bank of dreams and start again, whatever lie you tell yourself remember that you ALWAYS get a chance to start again. It has always been your right to wish and wish and wish again.

Here are a few pictures from the last three months:



Grad day!

BA@50_Communion 140

Mum and her guys

BA@50_ChurchService 013

Birthday Princess

BA@50_Dinner Party 026

My sister and I with bessie mate FK

BA@50_ChurchService 045



With the ladies in Sardinia!


Nothing like the original Gelato


Hazelnut and pistachio always!!


One of the many lunches Scotty made and he always always made everything from scratch!


Charlotte feeling Pensive- we had so many good chats


One of my summer books- by one of my favourite bloggers! This book is LIFE!


New York Cheesecake Prep



Scotty’s devine Chocolate peanut butter fudge- so glad he gave me the recipe!


Finished product




FullSizeRender copy

On to the next thing!


Lots of love,

Mika xo


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