How a Resurrection Really Feels…

“The work of resurrection cannot begin until a problem is fully faced”- Dan Allender

Hey friends! So as always a lot has changed with me over the last three months. I turned 23 and after a time of exhaustion and a lot of soul searching, I decided to take my own advice and do a little self work. I don’t know how many people have told me how different I have been in the last few months but what I found is that happiness, as Elizabeth Gilbert says honestly is a consequence of personal effort. Sacrifices need to be made and resurrections need to take place.

Eden has been busy! Hallelujah! I’ve just had my first professional shoot for my new website which hopefully would be ready soon and I’m revamping my menu to add a few more goodies for everyone to enjoy. However the biggest change is that I am actively taking part in life, I’m saying YES with my entire being, throwing myself into the most uncomfortable circumstances. I’m not staying at home too much, I’m lingering on the few minutes that remind me how beautiful this world can be. I’ve discovered I can actually be fun and that hiding in my calling is not necessarily following it.  I write to you currently from London after taking a hiatus from work to really relax, plan out my next few steps and to again learn how to relinquish control to the  moments and whatever come with that. I’ve just come back from New York where I spent a week with my friends eating, chatting and just being. As always I come to you with a few tips on how I’ve gotten a chance to resurrect my zeal for life in this quest to really live a life I CAN TELL STORIES WITH:

  1. Walk in enlightened self interest– The hardest work you’ll ever have to do is with yourself. If you want to resurrect anything you’re going to have to admit to your hand in killing it. You’re going to have to forgive yourself and press on. Pressing on of course means trying another way. Real results require diversity, it requires you doing something different. Truth time? I realised one of my biggest fears is things coming to an end. Be that a relationship, friendships or even Eden and what I discovered I was doing was that I wasn’t starting anything because I was too afraid of anything ending it.  I would automatically jump to what could go wrong so I built a space where my singleness was MY thing, my already established friendships were my crutches and as long as I kept Eden on paper and in this space of words it never got a chance to die. Friends what I’ve learnt is that freedom is at the end of that first YES. The yes to the first date, the yes to engaging with that friendly stranger, the yes to committing to your first order. The biggest blessing and curse is that we are given free will to do with our lives what we can. NO, may keep you safe but it will never make you grow.
  2.  The impromptu is where magic lives– You know I love a good plan and the saying does go that “those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” I completely agree. Plan your life yes, make goals yes, plan your holiday yes but don’t plan your minutes, don’t plan your seconds, and don’t plan the in between before you get on a plane! For example in New York, one day, my friends  ventured to the statue of liberty which ya’ll can imagine was of zero interest to me so, I decided  to wander around our neighbourhood in West Village for the first time that week without a solid plan for the day. I found myself in the Meatpacking district where I found a place called Bubby’s. Here I had the best eggs Benedict I have ever had because it wasn’t just regular with salmon it was with soft shell crab! Yes you heard that right EGGS BENEDICT WITH SOFT SHELL CRAB! I took my bible with me and whilst reading I sat next to a woman called Emma who was also eating by herself. She quickly told me about her documentary for black women, photographing them all over the city trying to change the stereotype of how we are viewed. She asked to take my picture whilst I read and this lovely encounter would never have happened if I didn’t ditch my itinerary or if I was sitting there scrolling through my instagram instead of choosing to be present. She didn’t know it but that encounter and coversation validated a few things for me.
  3. Steward your passion – Resurrecting your passion takes the grace of God to wake up every morning to pursue your dream. I find that to stay in the space of creativity it requires you holding on to that first God drop moment. That first moment you realised this is what you should be doing. Eden came to me in a dream, and the image I saw although it hasn’t realised yet, it keeps me glued to the journey because if I get a fraction of what I saw it would be so worth it. And the beauty of life is that its never too late to be who you want to be. All that is required is the effort to try! A resurrection requires time and effort. It requires late nights, midnight snacks and plans of attack. And the resurrection work never really ends, its an ongoing catharsis but one that keeps you moving towards your better self. I am so ready to get back to work with this new found zeal because I feel like I am now identifying with parts of myself I thought were long gone but now have finally FINALLY come up for air.

Try resurrecting something today!

Here are a few pictures of what I’ve been up to and a few sneek peek shots from my shoot:


Got interviewed by the lovely Kemi Adeyemi from EbonyLIFE at home where I got to make her an agbalumo soufflé

IMG_3547 (1)

My birthday dinner situation

FullSizeRender (7)

In the kitchen at KOTS making some banging tomato relish for some canapés


At a Caribbean themed party  where I made rum soaked cake with coconut ice cream


And ofcourse cinnamon jam filled donuts


Chocolate fudge cake, red velvet cake with praline swiss meringue buttercream from my shoot


Piles of my cinnabons with cream cheese frosting, as soon as these were taken they were all gone

FullSizeRender (7)

Colour Conference with my loves!


Sex and the city tour with my faves, I was trying to get Dimitri to pop his leg like Carrie but he wasn’t into it 😀


Cute walk with my ace Chloe in Washington Square Park


First of many of my dessert spots I dragged my friends to- Spot Dessert Bar


Their take on a french toast was beyond amazing!

Chloe’s dessert however made me very jealous

Screenshot 2017-05-23 16.17.34

Met up with my New York Bestie  Banke who took me to this amazing dessert shop called New Territories- this may have been our breakfast 😀

FullSizeRender (8)

Banke also took me here- Definitely my favourite place I went to whilst in New York


Let’s all look at the interior please

FullSizeRender (9)

Prettiest cocktails you ever did see

FullSizeRender (10)

This chicken and KALE waffles actually made me shed a tear. No jokes. (picture from When we were young)

FullSizeRender (11)

The Chef John was so sweet! He saw how the chicken made me feel so he sent out this sweet potato God knows what, that I absolutely died for.


Got to see two of my friends of over 18 years graduate from University of Pennsylvania! (Afolabi (above) and Anjola (who refused to take pictures))

FullSizeRender (7)

Even made it to a METS game although I had no idea what was going on

FullSizeRender (8) THAT Soft Shell Crab Eggs Benedict at Bubbys (picture by Bubbys)

FullSizeRender (8)

Last stop in New Jersey with my cuteee cousins, aunt and uncle!

Lots of love,

Mika xo

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  1. This spoke to me as always Mika! So beautifully written and captured, definitely so much to reflect on for me here. Also your site is looking amazing, love the shoot images! ❤ xxxxx

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