The Abundance of Patisserie Paradise 

Mix and Match Menu

Sponges we offer:
Red Velvet

All vanilla, coconut & lemon cakes start from: 8 inch (₦16,000), 10 inch (₦19,000), 12 inch(₦24,000)
All chocolate & red velvet cakes start from: 8 inch (₦18,000), 10 inch (₦22,000), 12 inch (₦26,000)

Frostings (all swiss meringue buttercream except for cream cheese):

Poppy Seed & Orange zest
Zobo swirl
Bourbon & Butterscotch
Coconut cream
Champagne (extra charge)
Chocolate (Dark, white or milk)
Salted caramel
Cream cheese
Lemon Curd
Peanut Butter

Please note: All sponges can be adapted into cupcakes with your choice of frosting. (Sold as 12) from ₦8,000


Banana bread with crunchy Almond crumble baked on top ₦3,500

Lemon Drizzle with lemon glaze and lemon zest ₦3,000

Pistachio & Almond with almond glaze sprinkled with toasted pistachio nuts ₦5,000

Real Deal Gingerbread brushed with sticky ginger syrup ₦5,000

Coconut & Lime with lime glaze and lime zest sprinkled with toasted coconut ₦4,000

Apple & Rosemary sprinkled with rosemary ₦3,500

Carrot cake with orange cream cheese frosting sprinkled with pecans ₦5000

Pastries & Tarts

Scones (sold as 12)- flavours include plain, praline, saffron ₦4,000

Cinnabons (sold as 12)- Cinnamon Buns topped with a cream cheese glaze ₦8,000

Lemon Tart- Sweet short crust pastry filled with thick lemon curd and topped with Italian meringue torched ₦5,000

Chilli Chocolate Tart- Short crust pastry filled with a dark chocolate custard spiced with scotch bonnet pepper and flaked red chillies ₦7,000

Sweet Potato & Brown Butter Sage Tart- short crust pastry filled with cooked sweet potato and brown butter sage topped with caramelised sweet potato ₦6,500

Apple Tart- classic sweet short crust pastry filled with apple compote and topped with caramelised apple ₦7,000

Fresh Fruit Tart- sweet short crust pastry filled with crème patisserie topped with seasonal fresh berries and fruit ₦7,500

Malibu Tart- Sweet short crust pastry filled with coconut cream topped with Malibu and spiced caramelised pineapples ₦7,500

Frangipane Tart- Sweet short crust pasty filled with almond cream topped with flaked almonds (can also be baked with pistachio and rosewater) ₦7,500

Treacle & Ginger Tart- Sweet short crust pastry filled with treacle and ginger topped with pastry lattice ₦7,500

Pear, white chocolate and cardamom tart- Short crust pastry filled with cardamom frangipane topped with pears and drizzled with white chocolate ₦8,000


White Chocolate Cheesecake 10 inch  (salted caramel or zobo glaze) ₦ 24,000
Baked New York Style Cheesecake (strawberry jam topping or crème patisserie) 10 inch ₦15,000

Please note: This menu is not set let us know any flavours you like, feel free to mix and match and we will accommodate